Passy’s kids are all victims of the terrible conflicts which have caused so much death, displacement, and suffering in eastern Congo. They range in age from a few months to 15 years. Passy abandoned her medical studies in Goma some years ago to look after these children, to give them shelter, food, education and love.

But the area where they currently live is particularly dangerous. Mass rapes, killings, torture, displacement, enlistment of children into the militias are all common occurrences. Our goal is to provide a secure and happy home and school for the children in a safer location.

I have been visiting DRC each year for the past 9 years, supporting an orphanage on the outskirts of Goma, which began as a wooden shed with 12 kids and now is a good sized house accommodating 30 kids, with a new school right next door, and small health clinic.

Two years ago I met Passy Mahano and visited the simple wooden hut which was home to 68 young children. The conditions were dire, the needs very great; but Passy’s dedication, courage, energy and her hopes for providing a better life for the children were even greater.

Passy is a remarkable young woman, who has herself witnessed and suffered terrible atrocities in her life. She has taken the courageous decision to devote her life to helping these child victims of war in Eastern Congo. I believe that we can help her.

The Project
  • Build a new home for the 68 children in a safer zone next to Mikeno Lodge in Virunga Park. The land has been purchased and the plans have been drawn up.

  • Construct a school as part of the complex, to serve both the children of the orphanage and of the local district.

  • Create workrooms for teaching practical skills to assist them in their future.

  • We aim to relocate the children by September this year – Stage 1 of the whole project

For further information about the project, please contact Helen Pope